"Back Where You Belong"

As a musician growing up with two extraordinary parents, you might be wondering how and maybe even why I wrote a song, and subsequently produced a music video, that I hope will become an anthem for millions of people living without the consistent presence of a loving and responsible father.

Well, the inspiration behind "Back Where You Belong" was birthed after several trips to a local department store, when I was a sophomore in college, at a time when God began opening my eyes to the severity of the issue of fathers abandoning their children. What came to me, as I began writing this song, eventually became an extremely honest and emotional encounter between a son and his absent father.

At various points, of the son and father encounter, the son expresses confusion as a young boy, anger as a young adult, and the eventual realization that a relationship might never be possible as he grows into adulthood. It represents the cycle of emotions too many sons and daughters experience as they mature without the protection and wisdom of their father.

I have numerous friends that have grown up without the knowledge or active participation of their biological father. Their first hand experiences are what helped me convey this message in a way I'm hoping absent fathers, around the world, will respond to. "Back Where You Belong" speaks for my friends, and millions of others, when the right words escape them.

A writer/blogger who grew up without her father recently made the following statement about "Back Where You Belong:"

"What I loved about this video is that instead of shaming the father and telling him how much he didn’t need him or how much he hated him, he told him what every child deep inside wants their father to know… I need you." - Chiemeka Comier (Click here for her full post).

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